Garage Door Repair: What to Do When Your Car Hits Your Garage Door?

Obviously, collisions result to dents on the garage door and this can be easily patched up by a garage door repair specialist. However, if the crash was strong enough to knock the track out of alignment, your garage door may no longer operate as smoothly. Garage doors are a complex system composed of tracks, cables, panels and motors that works properly only if all the others are in the right place. If your garage door has recently experienced impact, call your local West Palm Beach expert to mitigate the damage as early.

Dangers of a broken garage door

Unless you have professional experience fixing garage doors, do not, at all cost, attempt to repair parts on your own, particularly high-tension springs. The spring basically does all the heavy lifting so it can come loose, lash out and cause you serious injury if you attempt to release it without proper caution. Injuries occur too when fingers get caught on tracks, panels or sharp edges during repair.


What Are the Signs that Garage Doors May Need Repair or Replacement?

Malfunctions. If the door won’t open or close as well as it did in the past, it definitely needs some repair. The malfunction may arise from different causes so have it checked by a technician to pinpoint the exact causes. If the door refuses to work at all, or malfunctions again after a few uses, it’s time to have it replaced.

Cosmetic Damage. Rust buildup, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear will make the garage door look unsightly. This can negatively affect the curb appeal of the home, and will give the impression of poor maintenance. If left unresolved, this can have a huge impact on the home’s resale value. Bankrate cites a study done at Florida State University, which shows that the garage door can account for about 13 percent of the home value.

Garage Door Repair and Other Considerations in Garage Maintenance

The door is an integral part of the garage. It should be inspected regularly to detect signs of problems in their early stages. If needed, garage door repair must be done without delay.

House Logic explains the difference between taking care of a new door and an older one. Newer doors are mostly self-lubricated or have parts that don’t need oil. Older doors require annual oiling so they keep running smoothly.

Garage Door Parts Basics: What can Go Wrong with a Garage Door Opener

Another problem is that your garage door opener stalls. This happens either when your garage doors are opening or closing. One of the main reasons for this is a faulty limit switch, which is what indicates how far your garage door move. If your door maintains its awkward position, it can put unnecessary strain on the door’s support structure, especially if your door opens up so you’ll need to repair this quickly. Another reason for your garage door to stop operating is the safety sensors are broken.

Garage Door Opener is Noisy

If your garage door opens jerkily and noisily, you’re seeing early indications of a problem with your motor. Cranking noises inside a garage door motor can mean that your main gear drive needs replacement or lubrication. It should be easy enough to apply more grease to gear chain, but a complete replacement of the main gear may require professional assistance so that noting gets messes up.